Friendhsip Never Dies 

Hai 4 is here again.. amazing yet sad guys want to know why?? Well..this is the story today..First of all, we woke up at 6 o’clock, we took a bath and we ate our breakfast as usual. We got into the bus to go to school. We joined the morning assembly for 30 minutes and we got ready for our farewell performance. After 15 minutes of preparation, we finally performed, i guess we did quite well, our buddies were all chearing and clapping.  After that, we followed our buddy for lessons. Today, jennifer and helena’s lessons are PE and english. While michael’s was chemistry. In PE jennifer and helena played frisbee. Eventhough jennifer didn’t really know how to play, but they still had a lot of fun with their buddies and classmates. After their tiring PE lesson, We had recess. Most of us didn’t eat as we weren’t that hungry yet. But some of us ate some snacks though. After few minutes of recess which we spent together, the bell rang which indicated that it was time for our next lesson. okay, so this is how it went. Jennifer’s and helena’s next lesson was english. It was a lot of fun too! Their teacher, Ms.Chen gave them some summary and paperworks too! It was fun doing the paperworks together our buddies.  This time, michael’s lessons were PE. At around 11.30. We were instructed to gather in the auditorium as our KCP buddies have prepared some performances for us as well. They sang a song, which was really awesome! One of our friend, joyleen gave a thank you speech too. We also exchanged gifts with our buddies and took a lot of selfies! Awww.. We’re going to miss them ALOT! it was sooo hard to say goodbye. At around 2p.m, Mr.Joseph was so sorry that he had to end our special moments together as we had to join chapel. Although it was hard for us to end it, but we finally did and joined the chapel which lasted for around 1 hour. At 3p.m and we went to the class to join the CCA education, we learned about CPR which stands for cardio pulmonary resuscitation. We were all really grateful to learn this really useful knowledge as we can help others by doing CPR.After an hour, we had to say the hardest goodbye.although it was really hard for us.. But we knew that we had to leave our buddies and their sweet memories behind and continue ahead with our own path in life. After we got in the bus, our buddies were waving goodbyes and kisbyes.. We then all started to whip and moaned. We really would give anything to stay just for another day..but the reality says otherwise, so like it or not, we had to go. Minutes after that, the bus driver drove off real quick and we went to garden by the bay. It was a really nice and refreshing garden, despite the temperature inside, which i believe is really low, we still had a lot of fun exploring and learning about different kinds of plants. Most of all, we were super happy that we got to take a lot of pictures and selfies. As the view was spectacular. After we enjoyed ourselves, we rushed back in the bus and went to raffles city to have dinner. It ended at around 7.30 and directly returned to our hotel. Today was indeed a sad yet amazing day as we had to say goodbye with our lovely buddies, but we were still thankfull and gratefull for the chance that we got to spend our last day here with them, to have play together, exchange gifts, and most importantly to have fun. Sooo… That’s all for today guys.. We need to prepare and pack our stuff for tomorrow.. So.. Byeeee… See ya tomorrow!!