You’ve got a friend in Me

Hi Friends , today we woke up at 5 o’clock. We took a bath then ate breakfast. As usual, we went to school by bus. Today was our last day at KCPSS, So we had a Farewell performance. We were very nervous. We had 3 performances, The Manasai Dance, Indonesia Tanah Air Beta Song, and we sang a song called “You’ve got a Friend in Me” together. We also invited our buddies to the stage and sang together. It was really fun. After the farewell, our buddies took us to the class for lessons. We studied Biology, Chemistry and Physical Education. After lesson, we gathered in Auditorium for the gift exchange. We also watched the KCPSS’s show. After that, we had lunch in the canteen. Then we had Friday Chapel at the Sports Hall. Next, we joined Co Curricular Activity (CCA). We were taught about How to do the First Emergency for Heart Attack called CPR. Then we said the last goodbye for our buddies. We were very sad. That moment was so touching until we were all hugged each other. We were very thankful to Petra and KCPSS for this opportunity to Join the Petra Exchange Program. We also thanks for all of our buddies that had accompanied us during this program. After those sad moments, we took the bus to the Garden by the Bay. We went into the Flowers Dome & Cloud Forest. We learned about many kinds of plants. We took a lot of photos & selfies there. After that, we took the bus again to the Raffles City for dinner. We had dinner in the Food Court. After we felt full, we went to Ibis Novena by bus. We were so happy because we don’t have to wake up early for tomorrow. But we felt so sad because tomorrow we’re going to leave Singapore and our buddies. Last but not least, we hope our friendship will never end. Thanks for reading and good night. Gbu all !!!