Hanging Out With The Buddies❤️

We woke up around 6 o’clock on this new day. We went to the first floor and had brekfast. Our bus came, so we got into the bus and went to Kuo Chuan. After around 20 minutes, we arrived at Kuo Chuan. We met our buddies. They took us to the hall and had morning assembly. They sang the National Song of Singapore. Then, all the students went back to the class and we stayed there to practice for our performance. It was fun but some our friends forgot some parts of the dance because it had been for a long time we didn’t practice.   

After practicing, our buddies took us to their classes. We studied Chinese, English, and Math. First, we studied English in a different class. There was a class which is used for Chinese lesson. After that we had recess about 30 minutes. In English class, the teacher taught us about  hyperbole, paradox, and many more. The teacher also taught us about how to review (about movie, book, etc). In the last lesson (math class) there were 2 teachers. Actually there was a teacher only while the other teacher learned how to teach the  students. We studied about coordinate. So we must draw graphic, but it depends on the gradient. We got some new knowledge in this day. 

 Then we ate lunch at the canteen. After school, we went to the Science Center and our buddies joined us. But we took in a different bus. In Science Center, we learned about Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We got some questions and we had to answer it. There were some steps, such as observation, hypotesis, experiment and conclusion.  We learned about human system, example : brain, ear, eye, and many more. We also learned about frequency, sound, and etc. we had so much fun with our buddies  After that, our bus came so we got into the bus and went back to Kuo Chuan. After 20 minutes, we arrived at Kuo Chuan and the teacher took us to the art room. Our buddies served the food for us. It was very fun! 

 Then we took selfies and played ToD.   While we were playing, our teacher told us to go back to the hotel. We felt so sad because tomorrow it will be our last day:( but well, we got into the bus and went back to our hotel. Well, those were our journey. Thanks for reading. Good night readers! Gbu !