What a Memorable Learning Day!

 Hi guys!! We’re back!! Today is a spectacular day. We woke up at 6.00 AM, and we needed to make a preperation for our bags, we still needed to take a bath ,and took our breakfast. After we had breakfast, we rushed our way to KCPSS. We were really tired because yesterday we went to USS. After we arrived in KCPSS, we were practicing for our Farewell Performance, until its 9.00 AM, the buddies picked us up to their Classes. Then, one of us studied English. We listened to our friend’s presentation. Then, we had a recess. After that, we had malay class and the teacher is Ms Sabrina. After that we went to class, we studied about Economy. 

After we finished our activities at school, we were heading to the Science Center with the KCPSS Buddies. It took us 20 minutes to go there, after we arrived at the Science Center, we were waiting for the line. After the line ends, we finally got into the Science Center. The place is huge, there are a lot of amazing experiments there. The teachers gave us a paper of questions, so we needed to answer it based on the experiment in the Science Center. We were all separated by groups , depends on our buddies. We all had fun there!! Its was so amazing. The journey ended at 5.15 PM, after that, we bought Souvenir’s at the souvenir shop, it was quite expensive. After that we were heading back to KCPSS to have dinner with our best Buddies. We arrived at KCPSS right about 6.00 PM. We were heading to the ASL room, to have dinner with the KCPians. The purpose of this activity was to build a closer relationship with the KCPians. We were playing truth or dare with the KCPians. As all of that ended at 7.30 PM, we were so sad, because we’re almost going back to Surabaya. We will miss them so much. After the Dinner finished, we went back to the hotel to take a rest. Tomorrow is the last day at KCPSS, hopefully tomorrow is going to be a memorable day, and an exciting day. We are going to perform tomorow. Hopefully our Farewell performance are going to be spectacular. Okay!! Thats all for today!! Thank you for reading our reports today, wish us luck so the Farewell performance will be successful Tommorow. See you guys Tommorow!! Bye!!