Good morning everyone!!
Today is going to be an exciting day,because we’re back to school for another lessons and experience and we also going to Universal Studio \(^0^)/. But before we go there we had breakfast and went to Ko Chuan secondary school.We had breakfast at 6am.
Today we went to school a little late than usual ( because there was n’t any morning call) we went there at 7.30 am from the hotel.When we got there we were greeted and we were directed to the auditorium room.After we finished listening to the morning devoution,teachers’ speech and some announcement we were directed to the arts room. At there we were taught how to make a carved soap,we used some kind of sharp tools to make the figure, it was awesome and fantastic.
After we finished making it our next schedule was following buddies for lessons we had PE, English,and social Golden Goose Records Hombre Rebajasa�Z studies. At PE we had fress-bee. Then on Enlish Lesson, the teacher discussed about “what does sports teach us that books dont and the opposite too”. After that we had Social studies,the teacher teached us about accounting stuffs which we really dont understand.
At 12.40 we had lunch for 30 minutes then we are off to Universal Studio. After a few minutes, we finally made it to Universal Studio, at there we took so many pictures and rode roller coasters. It was so much fun :D. After 2 hours we finally done playing and Golden Goose Sneakers Outlet taking so many pictures. Our teachers gave us time for shopping, we bought so many stuffs like shirts, key chains,etc.
When we finished, we continue our trip to Sentosa Island by the Sentosa Express. At Sentosa we watched a performance called “The Wings of Time” it was so beautiful and Parajumpers Jacka Online spectacular and it took about 20 minutes of show. When it’s finally over, we got back to our hotel by bus. It took about half an hour to arrived at the hotel,after that we ate our dinner then we finished this report and went back to our rooms, took a bath, and rest our body. That’s all for today,good night and God Bless you all !! :*

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