Another Exciting Day

Hello! This is group 4 reporting again~ Today, we woke up at 6 AM. So, first of all, we did our habits in the morning… We took a bath, ate our delicious breakfast at the hotel. And at 7.20 AM the bus came and delivered us to Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. After 10 minutes, we arrived at the school and there were our buddies who were waiting for us. They accompanied us to the hall for the Morning Assembly. After the MA finished, we followed the teacher to do the art activity. The teacher explained about the soap carving, she gave us a soap, a box of wooden knife, a color pencils and toothpicks. The teacher also gave us some pictures about Singapore to us so we can find some ideas from there. We did a great job actually.. the soap looks great. After that, we followed our buddies to get our lessons. First lesson that we followed today was Mother Tongue lesson, so they can study and speak with their own languages. After that lesson, Helena and Jennifer had PE lesson,  Michael had Chemistry, Calvin had his Math and Billy had the Biology lesson. Then at 1 PM, we went to the bus to go to Universal Studio Singapore. We were very excited! We arrived and we took some photos there, we played lots of vehicles, such as the 4DTransformers, but unluckily, one of the favourite rides, the Transformers Roller Coasters, both blue and red are under maintenance, but there are many kinds of roller coaster there, such as The Mummy as we played it once too. Another entertaining rides was the “Jurrasic Park, Lost World”, and one more, the Canopy Flyer, it was a roller coaster too but it didn’t take a long time, maybe just 2 or 3 minutes of queue and 3 minutes of play. We wanted to play the “Accelerator”, but it took a very long time, so we canceled the plan and we went for a little shopping before we ate a little snack. It’s about 7.30 p.m, we were on the monorail to go to the Sentosa Island to watch the Wings of Time”. The show was just so fantastic We were amazed by the performance. They had water everywhere, they also had fireworks, fire and many more. The performance itself tells about a story about 2 kids that went to a beach and saw a rock. So the first kid climbed i, but the rock fell down and woke the giant bird.  The bird has a wing of time that can travel to any time. And at 8 p.m we went back to the hotel. Okay, that’s all for today. It’s been a long, tiring day..  So, good night