Sports Day!

Hai guyyyss!! Group 4 is baccckk!! Todaay..the girls awoke up at 5 o’clock as usual. And the boys woke up a little bit late, “AS USUAL”after we brushed our teeth, took a bath and prepared ourseleves, we together went down to have breakfast. The food was delicous, we were all very full. After breakfast we hopped in the bus and picked our seats. We were all excited for today..but some of us were still sleepy too. While on the way to KCPSS, we chatted with our friends happily, some of us took few pictures as the scenery was beautiful. But as i mentioned before, some of us were still sleepy, so some of us slept all the way to KCPSS. Not long after that, we arrived at KCPSS at around 8 o’clock. When we arrived, our buddies greeted us warmly, we were instructed to join our buddies. So that was exactly what we did. First of all we followed them in the hall to join the morning assembly. After around 20 minutes  in the hall, we seperated with our buddies as they had to have their lessons, while we were scheduled to learn D&T. At first we were all confused, and most of us asked the same question “what is D&T?” well, i bet u guys are wondering too..right? D&T stands for design and technology. There are three sub subjects for D&T and they are : mechanical electronics, food and nutrients education and arts. The teacher who taught us was actually the head of department. We learnt how to make a pencil holder. We made it using 4 techniques. It was a really interesting lesson. We all suceeded and made different kinds of nice pencil holder. We got to bring it home too! After the D&T lesson, we had recess. We didn’t eat that much as we were still full. So we spent our time hanging out. The recess was about 30 minutes long. After we finished our meals, some of us went to the bookstore and bought some pen and highlighter which is erasable. After 30 minutes, the bell rang, which indicates that it was time for us to follow our buddies for lesson. Jennifer and helena were in the same class, which is 3faith. Billy was in class 3truth, calvin 3peace and micheal 3love. Jennifer and helena learnt Amath for 3 periods and physics for 2 periods. Our teacher for Amath is the same teacher that taugth us for Emath, and her name is Mrs. Chen. We learnt about gradient. During the first period, Mrs. Chen explained about the material. Then in the second period, she gave us some excercises, which was pretty easy. In the third period, she explained more about the material. The class was quite noisy, but we still managed to focus and got out work done. After Amath, we learnt physics for 2 periods. In physics we learnt about pressure. Our teacher’s voice was quite small as she said that she was sick and lost her voice. But it was okay, we heard her quite well actually. She also gave us some excercises to finish. While billy on the other hand learnt biology for 2 periods, another 2 periods of english and 1 periode of maths. After the 5 hours of lessons, we finally had our lunch. It was also 30 minutes long. This time we ate a we were all starving. Most of us ate fried rice and pasta, our meals were delicious. After lunch we split into four groups to play captain ball, captain ball is something like basketball, but there are actually  BIG diifferences in the rules. As you guys know, in basketball the way you play is to dribble, in captain’s ball, we’re not allowed to dribble and run while we have the ball. So we had to pass the ball around to our teamates. One of our teamates had to stand on a chair, and his or her job is to catch the ball which will be thrown around by the other group members. jennifer’s in the first group, calvin’s in group 2, helena and billy were in the last group. The first 2 groups who played were group 1 and we played..we had a  lot of fun. While we were playing, group 3 and 4 played another game called “poisonous ball”. So it was something like dutch ball, but we played in a circle. So the ones outside the circle had to hit the ones inside. After group 1 and 2 finished captain ball, it was time for group 3 and 4 to play captain ball, and gorup 1 and 2 to play “poisonous ball”. After we all experinced the game, we were given 5 minutes of toilet break. Then, we continued to play “poisonous ball” but this time we played altogether. It was waaayy more fun and challenging too. This game’s aim was to help us get closer with our buddies..and it worked BIG TIME! we played and laughed together as if we have known each other for a long time. Time passed so quickly, suddenly it was 4 o’clock, and it was time for us to leave kuo chuan and transfer to china town. We all prepared our stuff and left the school by bus, our buddies waved and said goodbye. At china town, we walked for a pretty long time. We bought a lot of souvenirs here, most of us bought chocolates, miniatures and accessories. The prices here are not too expensive compared to other places. After walking around, we had our dinner there. The food was delicious, lots of us ate noodles and hainan rice, until 6.30 PM. Then, we traveled around again until the bus that took us back to the hotel came to pick us up. We were very tired of today’s activities. And finally the bus came, so we immediately went to the bus. After 20 minutes, we arrived at the hotel. The teachers gave us an hour time to take a rest, then we should gather to finish our report. That’s all for today~~ tomorrow’s going to be a blast 

See you tomorrow! Bye!