Our first day at school


Hello! We were so exited today because it was our first day at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School (KCPSS). We were so curious about who would be our buddies. We woke up at 5 am. Some our friends didn’t wake up early so we started to knock the door loudly. Then, we took a bath. After that, we ate breakfast at Ibis Novena. We went to KCPSS by bus. After arriving in KCPSS, we were guided to a sports hall for Morning Assembly and listened to the principal about the Kuo Chuan’s 91st founders day. Then, we went to a room and played some games with our buddies. We joked around and then we introduced ourselves. After that, we took some lessons with our buddies and  took a lunch in the canteen. It was quite different with our  school in Surabaya. After school, our buddies took us to walk around Bishan. We went to the public library and some shopping malls. We got into the bus and went to the Orchard Road. We were divided into 4 groups. We walked around and we bought a lot of things! It was a nice day eventhough we felt tired. After walking around, obviously we ate dinner! Most of us ate Hainanese Chicken Rice/Noodle and Pepper Lunch! After we felt full , we went back to our hotel…… We were so tired , it’s time for sleeping ! Thanks for