New Day, New Friends

Our second day at Singapore, we were so excited for our first day in school. We woke up at 5 o’clock and got ready for school, we ate breakfast in the hotel. We went to school by bus. We arrived and we joined the Morning Assembly, continued by the “Ice Breakers”, It was held in the Auditorium and we played some games to get closer with our new buddies. It was lot of fun! We also finally met our buddies for the very first time, we were so curious yet excited to make friends with them.

After half an hour, we entered the class and began to learn Chinese, followed by Biology and finished with Math lesson. It was a great day at school! The teachers were so exciting and entertaining. We ate lunch at school, and we continued by walking around the Bishan Street and went to the mall there. We walked for around 30 minutes before we went back to school.  Our final trip was in the Orchard Road, the most famous street in Singapore. We bought the 1 dollar ice cream and we have been separated in groups with our teacher, and we went for a shopping for 3 hours. Finally we assembled and ate our dinner and finally we went home and wrote this report. Phew! Today was a really tiring day..good bye guys! Night! See u all tomorrow.